International English for an international market

To sell to an international market, the best solution is to translate your website. But, translation is expensive. The next best solution is a website that is written in international English.

International English is specially written for people who read English as a second language. International English solves the problems that plain English has.

The following people benefit from international English:

The benefits of international English

For your customers, international English has the following benefits:

For you, international English has the following benefits:

Problems with international English

International English is not a complete solution to all your translation problems. You must be clear about your business requirements.

International English does not have small differences of meaning. For example, 'azure', 'navy', and 'cobalt blue' are all types of blue. In international English, the word 'blue' is sufficient.

Sometimes, compared to the average marketing text, international English is boring. If you need "scintillating copy that sparkles with intrinsic energy, slowly, meticulously, and subtly seducing your readers to realising that your product is the best thing since sliced bread," do not use international English.

When text is translated by human translators, the text is usually also localized. For example, colours and images are changed to conform to local preferences. International English cannot conform to all local preferences.

If you use international English on your website, the following problems can occur:

One solution is to have a glossary. For each technical terms, include a professional translation in the languages of the target markets. Include synonyms in the glossary.

Sometimes, you must supply information in the languages of your customers. Ask your legal adviser.

TechScribe can change your English text into international English. For more information, contact TechScribe.

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