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Software company

Typically, your software company has between approximately 10 and 40 employees. The sales are more than £1 million. The company has operated for more than two years. You do not have a professional technical writer in your company. If user documentation exists, your software developers probably wrote the documentation.

You develop commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. The software is good, but it is not easy to use.

Sometimes, your customers are experts in their field. Sometimes, your customers are experts at using software. However, your customers struggle to use your software because they do not have clear instructions about how to use the software.

You want to 'go to the next level'. You want to release a new version of the software. You want to increase your market share. You want to do all that and you want to decrease your support costs. TechScribe can help you.

A cost-effective option is for an external expert to develop the user documentation, as the case study about SDL shows.

You can benefit from the following services:

IT department in a large organization

Your organization is not a software company. However, your organization needs help with one or more of these things:

Possibly, your team needs help during a busy period. Possibly, you have technical writers who are in one of these departments:

TechScribe has worked on software documentation projects with large companies such as BG Technology (now GL Industrial Services UK, www.dnvgl.com), Lombard (www.lombard.co.uk), Mapeley (www.mapeley.com), Save the Children Fund (www.savethechildren.org.uk), and TNT (www.tnt.com).

Small organization

Usually, a very small organization does not have sufficient money for a full documentation project. TechScribe recommends these options:


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