Documentation project life cycle

TechScribe manages the documentation project from initial discussions to delivery to your customers.

  1. Planning. TechScribe creates a documentation plan (project plan) that specifies the work, the assumptions, the duration, and so on.
  2. Production. We get information about the software and about how to use the software. Then, we supply a draft of the documentation. Production time is between a few days and many months.
  3. Usability testing. We do basic usability testing when we use your software.
  4. Delivery. Most of our customers want source files from us, which they then put on CDs, or which they supply to the company that prints their documentation. If you require, we can manage the production of CDs and printed materials for you.
  5. Post-production. To evaluate the effectiveness of the documentation, we can supply you with a questionnaire that you can send to your customers. The answers from your customers will help to identify parts of the documentation that can be improved. Typically, we improve the documentation when we work with you on the next software release.
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