Technical writing newsletter 11: June 2005

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International standards

Mike Unwalla represented the UK at the recent ISO plenary in Helsinki. For an overview of the standards that are being developed, see the Software Systems Documentation ( web page.

Invited articles

Clarity ( invited Mike Unwalla to explain the benefits of ASD Simplified Technical English to an audience of lawyers. Contact TechScribe if you would like a copy of the journal.

The Developers Group invited Mike Unwalla to contribute his expertise to The Developers Magazine. Mike explained the importance of user analysis and task analysis as the basis of successful documentation.

Book reviews

Media Relations Measurement: Determining the Value of PR to Your Company's Success. Reviewed by Mike Unwalla in the June issue of the ISTC Newsletter.


'Introduction to styles in Microsoft Word' explains how you can use styles to increase your productivity when you write long documents.

Comtech Enterprises provides free icons, buttons and stock photography of a very high quality. We have used their materials and want to say, 'thank you'.

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