Technical writing newsletter 18: November 2006

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Business development

The environmental impact of a business is important. To confirm our commitment to working in an environmentally sustainable manner, TechScribe has signed up to Computing's Green Computing Charter.

Industry profile

Royal Bank of Scotland achieved first place in the annual documentation competition organized by the ISTC. Mike Unwalla presented the award to Chris Clenton.

TechScribe has obtained permission to post a profile of Mike Unwalla. The profile originally appeared in Communicator, the journal of the ISTC, after Mike was elected a Fellow of the Institute.

Technical resources

The Indexer, the international journal of the Society of Indexers, recently published Mike Unwalla's article which explains how we created the a-to-z index on the TechScribe website.

Industry information

Have you ever wondered what a technical writer does? It's much more than 'wordsmithing', as section 3 of TCeurope's 'Professional education and training of Technical Communicators in Europe' explains.

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