Technical writing newsletter 24: January 2008

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Quality policy

What values does TechScribe hold? How do we stand out from the competition? Where are we going? And what does all this mean for you? Our quality policy sets the scene.

Online support

An Electronic Performance Support System is a method of providing comprehensive online support to people who use computer systems. Although EPSSs and online help systems have similarities, they are not identical.

Industry research

Professor Killoran at Long Island University recently researched 'The Business Web Sites of Technical Communication Companies, Consultants, and Independent Contractors'. As part of his research, he interviewed owners of technical communications companies. Mike Unwalla was pleased to participate. Results of the survey are now available.

Data visualisation

To transform abstract thought efficiently into graphic, tangible forms, people need visual literacy. 'Towards A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods for Management' presents a periodic table of 100 visualisation methods and an explanation of how the table was devised. For the article and a fascinating interactive version of the table, see

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