Technical writing newsletter 26: June 2008

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Industry profile

To determine the communication needs of organizations within the NHS, the public sector generally, and the voluntary sector, the Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences at Sheffield Hallam University has established an Industry Advisory Board. Mike Unwalla accepted an invitation to offer perspectives from the technical communications profession.

The Web Indexing Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing awarded Michael Unwalla second place in the 2008 award for excellence in website indexing.

CASCAiD ( produces guidance software on over 700 careers, for use by schools and careers services in the UK. When CASCAiD updated its software, Mike Unwalla was pleased to accept the Society of Indexers' invitation to help CASCAiD. He exemplified the roles of both technical author and indexer in the knowledge economy.

Accessibility resources

The accessibility of documents is a hot topic. For the latest guidance, see 'Document processing for Accessibility' (CWA 15778) from The European Committee for Standardisation.

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