Technical writing newsletter 41: May 2011

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ASD-STE100 issue 5

To make instructions as clear as possible, TechScribe uses ASD-STE100. ASD-STE100 is a controlled language. In 2010, ASD published ASD-STE100 issue 5. Now, TechScribe uses ASD-STE100 issue 5 instead of ASD-STE100 issue 3 (AECMA Simplified English).

English for UK immigrants

TechScribe has a project for students.

In the UK, many immigrants do not know English well. The UK government policy is to write in English, if practical. Many organizations use plain English. However, plain English is not designed for international readers. For international readers in the UK, how much clearer is international English than plain English?

First customer in the US

TechScribe operates in an international market. Recently, TechScribe successfully completed a documentation project for LinguaSys in the US. The documentation project was the first for a US customer. Brian Garr from LinguaSys wrote, "What you have done is great!"

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