Technical writing newsletter 43: October 2011

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Prototype term checker for ASD-STE100

In September, TechScribe released a prototype term checker that helps technical writers to evaluate text for conformity to ASD-STE100. Unlike a spelling checker, a term checker makes sure that only permitted terms are in a text. The software is simple. Is the software sufficient? Give TechScribe your comments.

Minimalist user guide for complex software

Adaco produces software for the hospitality industry. Adaco needed to give its customers effective help. Although Adaco's software is complex, TechScribe produced a minimalist user guide. This case study explains how TechScribe helped Adaco.

Alternative spellings for 'ise' and 'ize'

The TechScribe website uses British English. For some words, TechScribe uses 'ize' as an alternative to 'ise'. For example, TechScribe uses 'optimize', not 'optimise'. Many people think that the 'ize' spelling is American English. The Oxford English Dictionary explains that the 'ize' spelling is for words that initially were Greek.

Accessibility checker

The accessibility of documents is important. A new accessibility checker finds accessibility problems with websites and with PDF files (

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