Technical writing newsletter 45: March 2012

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New module for technical author training

To help technical people to write clear software documentation, TechScribe supplies training.

Many software companies supply software to an international market. TechScribe's Technical author training (customized course) now has a new module about how to write for international readers.

ISTC Communicator

Communicator is the ISTC's journal for UK technical communicators. People who are not members of the ISTC can now buy issues of Communicator as PDF files (

English without 'foreign words'

One source of English words is Old English. Later, words from other languages such as French and Latin became English words. The different sources are one reason that English has synonyms such as 'aid' and 'help'. In 'Uncleftish Beholding', Poul Anderson wrote about atomic physics using only words that have an Old English source (

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