Hands-on course for software developers

PRESS RELEASE dated 2005-04-25

Sheffield-based technical writing specialists 'TechScribe' are launching a one-day course for people in the software industry who need help with writing user guides, manuals and online help systems.

The course modules cover topics such as typical problems with poor documentation, writing in plain English, avoiding jargon, the error using apostrophes, subject/verb agreement, standard user guide structure, active voice/passive voice usage, defining tasks, cross-references and locators and tips on style sheets.

TechScribe are renowned for their work in the technical writing community, and Dr. Mike Unwalla of TechScribe was recently appointed as Principal UK Expert for software documentation.

Dr. Unwalla says: "We do not spend much time on theory. This course does not deal with how to use particular tools, and none of the exercises use computers. The course simply deals with what you do and why, from a software development perspective."

With places open to only eight people, the TechScribe Author Training Course gives plenty of opportunity for individuals to discuss their needs and experiences. Comprehensive course notes are included.


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