Chartered status for Mike

PRESS RELEASE dated 2006-06-06

BCS certificate The British Computer Society (BCS, has elected Mike Unwalla as a chartered member.

Rigorous assessment procedures ensure that the standard of the BCS Chartered IT Professional (CITP) qualification is fully maintained.

"In addition to assessing practical experience, training and qualifications, applicants must demonstrate that they have appropriate levels of autonomy, influence and any relevant business skills," explains Professor David Parsons, BCS Regional Operations Manager North and Visiting Professor at Salford University. "This is measured using the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA,, which defines the skills needed to, for example, develop effective Information Systems," he adds.

"Technical people in software houses and IT departments are often members of the BCS. Having 'gold standard' CITP status means that they will perceive me as a qualified member of the software profession, rather than as an outsider. That's a great boost to TechScribe's credibility in the marketplace," says Mike.


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