Developers Group invites TechScribe

PRESS RELEASE dated 2005-09-29

Mike Unwalla recently explained how to write user documentation at a national meeting of software developers.

"Software developers are interested in making software documentation less of an onerous task for themselves. We invited TechScribe to help take some of the horror out of software documentation for developers. Mike Unwalla made us look clearly at what documentation is needed, why, and how best to approach it. Best of all, he advised that less is more!" explains Joanna Pooley, Director of The Developers Group.

Brian Long (, organizer of the event, says, "Mike made a welcome contribution to the Developers Group meeting; the talk was clearly well received given the amount of positive feedback and interaction that occurred."

"The Developers Group is a national association that provides members with essential information and training about all aspects of software development," says Mike. "I was really excited when Joanna invited me to present to the group in London. That shows how highly TechScribe is regarded in the profession."


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