Skills development in the indexing profession

PRESS RELEASE dated 2008-03-18

Website indexing is a new opportunity for indexers, but how do practitioners demonstrate that they possess that the required professional skills?

To achieve Accreditation with the Society of Indexers (, indexers must complete a practical assignment, which tests their skills. In addition to traditional back-of-the-book indexes, trainees can also index websites. That's just what Sarah Starkey of Professional Indexing did, to become only the second person to achieve Accreditation with a website index.

"I wanted to index Mike Unwalla's research (1989) into Computer Based Training because websites are an exciting new area of indexing. More and more people have websites; if they don't include an A-Z index, they may be missing a trick. By commissioning an index, Mike has made the information in his research that much more accessible to his website visitors," says Sarah.

Speaking on behalf of the Society of Indexers, Ann Kingdom says, "It's essential that indexers learn to apply their skills to online information sources and we're delighted that Sarah has demonstrated her competence in this way."

"TechScribe really appreciates Sarah's A-Z index. We'd like to congratulate her on achieving Accreditation, and we wish her well in her freelance company, Professional Indexing," says Mike Unwalla, Principal.


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