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PRESS RELEASE dated 2004-10-18

TechScribe recently featured in a video that captures the entrepreneurial buzz of South Yorkshire.

"Raw Talent is an exciting new business development programme from Business Link South Yorkshire. It gives budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to mix with like-minded people, to share ideas and experience and to learn from people who have successfully built their businesses," said Anne Selwyn, the High Growth Development Manager.

Raw Talent recently ran a series of Masterclasses that dealt with topics such as the sales process and how to create superior opportunities. David Hall's ( ground-breaking Entrecode research, which holds the key to entrepreneurs becoming successful, was the basis of these Masterclasses.

"When David asked me to present my perspectives of Raw Talent, I was delighted to help out," enthused Mike Unwalla, Principal of TechScribe. "The Masterclasses gave me valuable insights into how to improve my business. I certainly recommend them to other entrepreneurs and business owners."

The new video captures the lessons that people learnt from attending the events, and it will be used to promote future events. The next series of Masterclasses will start in November. For more information see

Business Link South Yorkshire's High Growth Start Up programme is funded by the European Union.


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