TechScribe makes retail software work harder

PRESS RELEASE dated 2002-10-09

Jewellery Trade suppliers and manufacturers looking to improve the performance of their bespoke software systems should look no further than Mike Unwalla of TechScribe.

Mike was recently contracted by Bransom Retail Systems Ltd (, the UK market leader for jewellery computer systems, to overhaul the existing user manual for their renowned Retail Jewellery Stock Control and Management System.

The system, which is the only package to have been recommended by the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG), is a bespoke system written specifically for the retail jewellery trade.

The market-leading package can be tailored specifically to customer requirements. The systems range from single shop, single-user Stock Control Windows systems, through to large multi-user, multi-till Unix systems with remote access. Users have the option of running other Bransom products such as accounts, customer marketing, repairs management, EPoS tills and portable stock taking units.

At first, Bransom intended to overhaul their user documentation internally. But they soon realised that they could not produce the documentation in a reasonable timescale and the internal cost and disruption proved far greater than initially envisaged.

"That is when Mike stepped in", explained Chris Garland, Director of Bransom Retail Systems Ltd. "Although we were sceptical about how well a third party could document our system, Mike soon impressed us with the level of questions he posed and his rapid understanding of the system, reducing the time I had to spend with him to a similar level I would expect had we continued to do this project internally."

"Mike produced a user manual on budget, which is ideal for all levels of user, as well as being a vital source of information for Bransom's own support desk staff and trainers."

"I found Mike to be totally professional, with an overriding dedication to produce a comprehensive manual, which is easy to navigate, detailed for the novice while also being a quick reference for experienced users", explained Chris Garland.


Editorial Contact: Sharon Evans, Visionforce Marketing

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