Technical experts benefit from TechScribe

PRESS RELEASE dated 2005-12-12.

TechScribe is helping a leading-edge software company to provide clear guidance for its customers.

User group meeting "Scitech develops the market-leading EnABLE™ statistical software that speeds up the planning of oil and gas field developments and chooses optimum plans such as the best place and time to drill wells," says Neil Dunlop, Director of software and consulting house Scitech. "It's used around the globe by many major oil companies. We invited Mike Unwalla to our European User Group meeting, to explain how he's improving the current user manual."

"My role is to collect all the information and opinions that the Scitech team provides, and then resolve any conflicts. Scitech people then review this, and ensure that the product really does what the user guide says. They also clarify any remaining conflicts. It's the hardest project I've ever worked on!" says Mike.

Ceri Lloyd, Coordinator of the User Group, says, "Mike was given the task of producing clear documentation. His questions forced us into clarifying matters for our new users. This is just what we wanted."

"It was a great privilege to be invited to the User Group meeting. Learning directly from users about the problems that they face when using software and documentation will ensure that users get the type of documentation that they need," says Mike.


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