Technical author training for software developers

If you must write user guides, reference manuals, and online help, this technical author training course is for you.

At the end of the training course, you will have a set of practical skills, detailed course notes, and model answers. You will be able to write good documentation that helps your customers to use your software.

Training course content

The training course contains practical exercises and group discussions. A maximum of eight people can attend the training course. Thus, we have sufficient time to discuss the questions of all participants.

You do not need to know about documentation methods or English grammar.

Modules in the technical author training course
Module Is about
Introduction What is documentation? Typical problems with bad documentation.
Writing in plain English Basic methods for clear writing. Not using jargon.
Common 'gotchas' Apostrophes, subject/verb agreement.
Tenses The recommended tenses used for technical writing.
Active voice and passive voice What they are. When to use them. Changing one to the other.
Using language accurately Typical causes of ambiguity in text. Problem words. Commas.
Lists and tables Bulleted lists, numbered lists, run-in lists. When to use each type of list. Guidelines for tables.
Audience analysis and task analysis Reasons for understanding the needs of readers. Defining tasks. Deciding on the level of detail.
Procedures Descriptions, processes, and procedures compared. Headings, steps, and conditions in procedures. Notes, cautions, and warnings in procedures.
Visual style and layout Visual cues to help readers.
Graphics How to use graphics. Screen shots, callouts, cropping.
Structuring the content Organizing the content of a document. Standard user guide structure.
Online documentation Advantages and disadvantages. Basic techniques. The printed/online mix.
Indexing How to create an index. Headings, subheadings, cross-references and locators.
Consolidation exercises Putting everything together.
Grammar reference Grammar terms.

For a training course that is customized to your requirements, you need our technical author training (customized course).

Booking information

You choose the day, and TechScribe delivers the technical author training at your company site or at some other location. The meeting room must contain a flipchart or a whiteboard. We do not need computers or audio-visual equipment.

Fee: £895.00 + VAT for the first participant. £45 + VAT for each additional participant, up to a maximum of eight people.

Terms and conditions for technical author training.

To book a place, or to get more information, contact Mike Unwalla, 0114 232 6776 or

Comments from participants

Participants on a training course

"Will improve my documentation skills enormously."

Simon Colohan, Software Developer, Indigo 4 Systems Limited (, Sheffield.

"I am pleased that old memories from school regarding grammar have been unlocked. This will prove very beneficial in the future. The reference material (workbook) will be a valuable tool for creating documents."

Aaron Neilson, Software Developer, Indigo 4 Systems Limited (, Sheffield.

"An almost comically dry subject was presented engagingly and was made both interesting and relevant."

Brendan Thomas, Support Developer, Natural History Museum (, London.

"Excellent introduction to good documentation practice."

Mike Sadka, Deputy Technical Manager and Science Data Architect, Natural History Museum (, London.

"Useful and insightful, delivered in a professional yet clear & concise manner."

Adam Leggott, Web Administrator & Developer, Roeville Computer Systems (, Doncaster.

"Many thanks for a well thought out & helpful course."

Colin Gilchrist, Lead Web Developer, Digital Fibre Limited (, Tring.

"Thank you for coming all this way to give your workshop. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I've received a very positive and enthusiastic response from everyone. It certainly triggered many discussions!"

Ceri Lloyd, Senior Software Engineer, Energy Scitech Ltd, Guildford.

"The day Mike spent with Tamblin was excellent. Not only did we learn a lot, it was also genuinely interesting and enjoyable. This was achieved through a combination of quality course notes, practical exercises, Mike's in-depth knowledge and his flexible approach to the day. I can heartily recommend the TechScribe training days to anyone looking to improve upon their technical writing skills."

Stuart Turner, Production Director, Tamblin Limited, London.

"After spending the day with Mike I feel much more confident about approaching the writing of technical documentation. Excellent value. I would recommend this course to all software developers."

Nathan Briggs, Website Developer, Sheffield Web Solutions Limited, Sheffield.

"A thorough, professional and well-presented guide to how to construct effective technical documentation."

Peter Pond, Quality Manager, Qualsys Limited, Sheffield (

"Superb course materials. The training course led by Mike provided an invaluable comprehensive overview of a potentially dry and daunting subject in a fast-paced and highly enjoyable format. Thank you very much!"

Dr Simon Zipperlen, Technical Director, Estona Internet Marketing Ltd, Sheffield (

"Mike Unwalla is an expert in his field and the quality of his training reflects this. A vital asset to any software house."

Phil Nicholls, Director, Psydev Ltd, Sheffield.

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