Notes on this document

For readers interested in taking up references, ISBN numbers have been included. Where both hardback and paperback editions are available, I have chosen to list the number of the hardback.

The User Manual and the Requirements Document should be seen as separate documents, which have been bound in one volume for the purposes of this dissertation.

The letter s has been used with references to indicate a software package.


Thanks are due to the following people:

Christopher Dean and Quentin Whitlock of Dean Associates, who gave me the freedom to pursue my own course on this project.

Mike Stannett, who with much patience went through many drafts of this dissertation.

Mike Beacon of the University of Sheffield ELT department, who gave me access to CALL material.

John Hatfield, also on the MSc course, who demonstrated TopClass.

A final comment

"The more written, the more seems to remain to be written". Thomas Hardy.

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