End of first year report

Michael Unwalla, May 1991

Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield.


I would like to thank Jon Kerridge for his help, advice, and support over the past year, and for his comments on the drafts of this report.

Thanks are also due to Romola Guiton, Richard Oates, and Paul Murray for fruitful discussions.

Financial assistance from SERC and Hewlett-Packard has been most welcome.


1 Introduction

2 Review and survey of subject area

3 Research Aims and Associated Problems

4 Program of Research

5 Work so Far


Appendix A. A note on taxonomy

Appendix B. Code generated by StP

Appendix C. Modified code from appendix B

Editorial note. This document has been re-created from scans of the paper version. If you find typographic errors, please let me know. Thanks.

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