Technical writing newsletter 1: July 2003

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Web issues

Do you have a website? Do you know the implications of the Disability Discrimination Act? SFEDI ( recently held a seminar in Sheffield about the use of the Internet. You may be surprised by our comments to them about web accessibility and security.

If you have a very technical product or service, how do you find a web design company that has the expertise to talk your language and the language of your clients? Estona specialises in websites for science and technology. (And it just happens that TechScribe was their June site of the month.)


An index is an important part of a user guide or manual. When Save the Children Fund needed an index for an existing manual, TechScribe won the contract. Now you can take advantage of that indexing service.

Do you have business contacts in China? Do they need top-quality documentation? If so, please direct them to (simplified Chinese font required to view).


As some of you know, many years ago Mike Unwalla taught English in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. When the ISTC needed a reviewer for 'The Techniques of Instruction' by Roger James, that background made him a good candidate.

The Society of Indexers recently invited TechScribe to present a workshop on embedded indexing. This was an overwhelming success and will be run again. You too can take the training in embedded indexing in Word. [Editor's note 2008-07-09. TechScribe no longer runs this training course.]

Sometimes a company cannot justify using a professional technical writer due to an extremely tight budget. Sheffield Hallam University ( and TechScribe are designing a one-day course for technical people who need to produce documents such as manuals, user guides, procedure guides and online help systems.

Finally, Mike Unwalla even managed to make time to study for Accreditation with the Society of Indexers (, and passed the test for part A.

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