Technical writing newsletter 2: September 2003

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How effective are your e-mails? TechScribe ran two workshops on e-mail for the Business Network (, a national networking group. The next e-mail workshop is on October 23 in Sheffield. Read the article, How to write an e-mail.

Sheffield Business Club ran an IT exhibition in July. TechScribe participated under the banner, "IT is useless—unless you can use it" The point being that clear instructions are one way of ensuring that people can use your products.

Business growth

The Gareth Owens Communications Consultancy works with high-technology companies on business and communications issues. Recently Gareth asked TechScribe to become an associate. Our association allows Gareth to provide top-quality documentation to his clients and opens new markets to TechScribe.

The ISTC ( is the major professional organization in the UK for technical writers. Recently, Mike Unwalla's membership was upgraded to Fellow—the highest grade. That means clients can be assured of getting the best possible service from TechScribe.

Community involvement

Do you know someone who wants to be a writer? CASCAiD produces careers guidance software for UK schools. TechScribe starred in their new careers video.

The Sheffield Business Club exists to promote growth and develop opportunities for members. TechScribe is actively helping the club; Mike Unwalla was recently accepted as a Committee member.


Are you in the IT or telecommunications industries? Do you need to improve your sales and marketing? ASCL ( provides sales training.

Do you need to create indexes in Word? TechScribe's review of the technical details was published in Communicator last week. Download WordIndexing.pdf (500 KB). the article from (500 KB).

Avoid meaningless words and phrases in your documents. Deloitte Consulting provides free software called Bullfighter for use with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

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