Technical writing newsletter 30: March 2009

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Machine translation

If English is optimized for machine translation, machine translation gives good results. An evaluation compares optimized English (international English) with standard English.

To help you to choose between machine translation and human translation, TechScribe designed a flow chart.

International readers

Sometimes, people who read English as a second language know basic English, but they are not experts. To make sure that your message is clear, use each word with its primary meaning, and use 'syntactic cues' to help readers to analyze the structure of a sentence. For details, read TechScribe's article, 'How to write English for international readers' on the Message Communications blog (

Industry profile

Communicator, the journal of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators, featured Mike Unwalla in its 'day in the life' series.

Business development

Recently, TechScribe expanded services into international markets. Mike Unwalla delivered the 'Technical author training for software developers' course to employees at a bank in the Republic of Ireland.

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