Technical writing newsletter 31: June 2009

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Ten years of trading

Since April 1999, TechScribe has delivered high-quality technical documentation for software products. We want to thank all our clients for their business during the past 10 years.

Learn about international English

To make sure that technical documentation is clear and to reduce translation costs, use international English.

On 9 June 2009, Mike Unwalla will present an audio conference about international English. We have one free registration worth $249 to offer readers of the TechScribe technical writing newsletter.

To get your free registration, tell us why you want to learn about international English. Send an e-mail to by 17:00 on Wednesday 3 June. Include your full company details. We will select one person for a free registration. We will send your name and your e-mail address to the conference organizers, who will send you instructions for joining the audio conference.

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