Technical writing newsletter 37: August 2010

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Software for technical writers

A UK university and TechScribe are working together to develop software. The software will help technical writers to make sure that text is as clear as possible. We expect to have a demonstration version at the end of 2010. In July, TechScribe received an Innovation Voucher that will help to pay for the project.

The Yahoo! Style Guide

The Yahoo! Style Guide helps all people who write online content. Unfortunately, the book's effectiveness is decreased by the American-centred writing and because the text is not internationalized. The book has the usual guidelines about words and grammar, but the book also deals with accessibility, audience analysis, text for headings, HTML, search engine optimization, the design of user interfaces, US copyright law, and many other topics.

Global English for Global Business

Many international readers have problems with standard English. Global English for Global Business by Rachel McAlpine helps people to write English that international readers can understand.

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