Technical writing newsletter 38: October 2010

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English for call centres

English is different in different parts of the world. Many people in the UK become irritated when they talk to personnel in Indian call centres. Although the personnel have a good technical knowledge, their language is not clear to many customers. International English for Call Centres teaches Indian personnel to communicate with UK customers.

English for international business

Writers can never be sure that their text is clear. Words that are clear when they are isolated can confuse readers when the words are used together. The example that follows has two meanings: "Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle." The Elements of International English Style has 57 tactics that help writers to produce clear text for international audiences.

Technical Communication UK 2010

The Technical Communication UK 2010 conference included presentations about documentation in agile software development companies, terminology, content strategy, accessibility, and the problems of cultural differences. Mike Unwalla reports on the presentations that he attended.

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