Technical writing newsletter 4: February 2004

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Business promotion

Ecademy is a web-based networking group with thousands of members. The website can be quite daunting for first-time users. Ellis from Cherryleaf ( has produced an online video that explains how to use the site—and he used TechScribe to demonstrate some of its features.

The missing Link is a UK-wide networking group. It has an emphasis on business development as well as just passing referrals. TechScribe would like to say "thank you" to Zoe (aged 2) for picking our name from the hat and giving us a year's free membership.

Mike Unwalla of TechScribe continued his successful Accreditation process with the Society of Indexers (, and passed the tests for parts B and C.


The City Information Group recently published its 2004 Yearbook. It regularly contains an article from the Society of Indexers. When the Society approached TechScribe to ask if we'd write an article on their behalf, we were delighted to offer our services. The article explains why you often need an index in an electronic document, even though you can use a search facility.

Finally, if you want to find information about any aspect of technical documentation, the EServer TC Library is a great place to look. It's a huge resource of fascinating information.

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