Technical writing newsletter 5: April 2004

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Standards development

You can now purchase BS ISO 18019 from the British Standards Institution. TechScribe helped to develop the standard. For details and a link to the BSI read the article.

Business development

Last week Mike Unwalla facilitated a workshop entitled, 'Promoting your freelance technical writing business'. The content applies to many small businesses, and you can read the workshop notes.

In April, TechScribe celebrated five years of successful trading. Over those years, our reputation has grown and many organizations refer to our work. Examples are the India chapter of the STC ( and the University of Calgary (

Community involvement

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust is a Sheffield-based charity that gives deprived children holidays on its working farm. Mike Unwalla was pleased to help at a recent fundraising event. Jayne Brook, Events Manager, said, "We receive no government funding, so we are delighted that the first Easter Farm Fayre was a huge success… We are grateful for your support."


Do you use Microsoft Outlook? Do you hate how the newer versions prevent you reading some attachments? Slovak Technical Services ( sells a useful add-in that lets you control which attachments are blocked.

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