Technical writing newsletter 6: July 2004

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Microsoft Word is a very powerful tool, yet many people use it very inefficiently. Web Express Guide recently commissioned TechScribe to write a series of articles on how to get the best from Word.

Associate news

Broadband is a powerful business tool, but people in rural communities often don't have access to it. Our business associates at The Gareth Owens Communication Consultancy have launched Go Broadband to provide wireless broadband in (initially) North Yorkshire.

Business issues

Current UK legislation allows you to send unsolicited marketing e-mails to businesses, provided you conform to certain guidelines. However, even if you conform to the rules, you may still get into trouble, as we found at TechScribe.


It's useful to have dial-up backup for your Internet connectivity, just in case your primary connection fails. Easily provides an 0845 Dial Up service. There's no subscription, you just pay for a local call when you use the service.

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