TechScribe makes healthcare billing easy

PRESS RELEASE dated 2002-04-04

Sheffield-based technical communication company, TechScribe, has developed a new user guide for a market-leading software product from Craneware (

Designed for the United States healthcare market, the Active Chargemaster Professional Toolkit provides an unrivalled billing and auditing solution for charging healthcare services. Each service is coded separately, ensuring that claims can be drawn up quickly and efficiently. The software then checks the validity and compliance of the claim against billing regulations and also searches for any areas where potential revenue has been overlooked.

"Our installation and training course helps to introduce our users to the 'Toolkit' product," explained Keith Neilson, Chief Executive Officer at Craneware, Edinburgh, "But we knew that our users needed extra support. We have online help, but some of our users did not feel comfortable using it. They wanted printed documentation, something they felt familiar with and that they knew how to use."

That is where TechScribe stepped in. With their ability to focus on the needs of software users, they developed a user guide, which was both user-friendly and jargon-free.

"We certainly made the right choice in working with TechScribe," said Keith Neilson. "The cost of employing a full-time technical writer in-house would have been too onerous, but we recognised the importance of getting a professional to produce the user guide. A lot of customer satisfaction hinges on getting the support just right."

Printed user guides are just one type of documentation produced by award-winning TechScribe, who also specialise in producing online help, training aids, reference manuals and process and procedure guides for software products. Typical formats include pure HTML, compiled HTML (CHM), WinHelp, Lotus Notes, Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word.


Editorial Contact: Sharon Evans, Visionforce Marketing

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