Indexing accreditation for Mike

PRESS RELEASE dated 2007-01-23

The first person to gain accreditation from the Society of Indexers ( for creating a website index is Mike Unwalla.

"An A to Z web index improves both the accessibility and the usability of a website, and it can improve results in search engine rankings because of all the links that it contains," says Mike. "The back-of-the-book style A to Z website index gives TechScribe an edge over our competitors."

"The Society has been promoting the benefits of professionally produced indexes for fifty years," says Ann Kingdom, Marketing Director at the Society. "New media and digital technology are exciting new areas in which indexers can make a significant contribution," she adds.

"I'm thrilled to have achieved Accredited Indexer status with the Society of Indexers," adds Mike. "Continuing professional development is vital in the Knowledge Economy."


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