Royal Bank of Scotland Group scoops award

PRESS RELEASE dated 2006-11-06.

The Manufacturing Division of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Group) has won the prestigious annual ISTC Documentation Award for the category 'Online Delivery of Non-Technical Information'.

The judges decided unanimously that the award should go to Chris Clenton for the Group's On-line Process Diagrams.

"The Manufacturing Division of RBS employs over 23,000 staff. One of the main roles of the division is to look after back-office processing, for example opening bank accounts, changing standing orders, and making CHAPS payments. To train staff and to create a 'corporate memory', we created On-line Process Diagrams. These are process maps which staff can access over the Bank's intranet whenever they have queries on how to perform their tasks," explained Chris.

OPD team

The On-line Process Diagram team. From left to right: Iain Houghton, Heather Birks, Roger Cave, Sam Vincent, Chris Clenton, Mark Morton, Ryan Wise, Richard Goodfellow, Louise Geoghegan.

The ISTC judges gave many reasons for their decision. In particular, every document has a change history, which is available to all staff, thus satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. In addition to a clear and simple style, the documentation can be used by the visually impaired, and consequently is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.

"Communication comes in many flavours, and non-technical information is just as important as technical information. I'm delighted to present this award to Chris for his team's outstanding documentation," said Mike Unwalla, who presented the award on behalf of TechScribe, the category sponsor.

"This is a large and exciting documentation project. Approximately 6000 processes are documented and are used in 80 service centres across the UK. I'm thrilled to win the ISTC award as it really confirms our approach to documentation and recognises the effort that has gone into making it a world-class system," Chris added.


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