New indexing techniques

PRESS RELEASE dated 2007-03-13.

New possibilities for indexers have been revealed at a workshop organized by the Society of Indexers ( in Sheffield.

Websites are an essential part of modern business, but if people can't find information quickly, they will move to a competitor's site. With large websites, an a-to-z index complements the usual search option.

"Indexers have the professional skills to produce high-quality back-of-the-book indexes," says freelance editorial consultant Kathleen Lyle. "Mike Unwalla's presentation was a fascinating insight into new possibilities for indexes in the digital age."

Indexing workshop attendees

Newcomer to the profession, Caroline Jones from Osprey Indexing ( says, "Learning how website indexing works and seeing where the future of my craft might lead means web indexing is definitely an avenue I'll explore." She adds, "I really value the professional support from the Society of Indexers."

"I was delighted when the Society asked me to present a workshop on the web indexing techniques that we devised at TechScribe," says Mike. "Exciting possibilities lie ahead for indexers who embrace the challenges of the information age," he adds.


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