Enhancing website usability

PRESS RELEASE dated 2007-05-10

Poor usability of websites leads to dissatisfied visitors, lost business, and unhappy customers.

"The ability to find information quickly is vital. Good site structure and search tools can help, but for large sites, that's often not enough. An a-to-z index is a significant boost to a site's usability," said Mike Unwalla, who was invited to speak at the Usability Professionals' Association (www.uxpa.org) Northern UK chapter meeting in Manchester, May 2007.

Usability adviser Stuart Smith from The University of Manchester stated, "From a usability perspective, indexing gives a user the chance to go straight to the source of information. The user can see the scope of the website at a glance, which is not the case with a search engine."

"Mike's clear and thorough presentation is directly relevant to my own experiences. It has re-vitalised my interest in the indexing of online documents," added Rob Werner, technical author at AppSense.


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