Careers: technical writing

PRESS RELEASE dated 2003-09-23

Technical writing is just one of the hundreds of varied and exciting careers in the modern workplace. (A technical writer produces documentation such as user guides for TVs and videos, aircraft maintenance manuals and online help for software and IT systems.)

Young people obtain information and advice about employment opportunities through various careers guidance experts. But where does all this information come from?

CASCAiD ( has been part of Loughborough University since 1996, and supplies careers guidance software to over 80% of schools in the UK. Keeping this information up to date is a mammoth task; every year, dedicated researchers check the details of each career description for any changes in work activities, entry routes, qualifications, salaries and so on. Practitioners from various industries are interviewed about their work and video presentations are included in the careers information that is produced.

Appreciating the importance of first-hand knowledge, CASCAiD invites professional organizations to verify that the information gives a true picture of a profession. Recently, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators was approached for help. From the 1000 members, Mike Unwalla of TechScribe was used by CASCAiD in the video clip that gives an overview of freelancers in the technical writing profession.

Commenting on this, Mike Unwalla said, "It's a great privilege to be able to represent the technical writing community. I hope my participation encourages young people to consider the important role that they could be playing in the technological society of the future."

Michael Alcock, a researcher from CASCAiD said, "We always appreciate the volunteers in our videos. It really helps people with their career choice when they can see and hear people describing their occupations."


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