New business partnership to make technology understandable

PRESS RELEASE dated 2003-09-04

A new business partnership aims to help high-tech firms make their products easier to understand and use. Dr. Mike Unwalla, an expert in software documentation, has become an associate of The Gareth Owens Communication Consultancy Ltd.

Mike's skills as a technical writer will enable the high-tech management consultancy to offer a comprehensive technical writing service for product documentation, training materials and online help.

"As a last resort, read the manual." The quality of documentation accompanying most technology products is a standing joke. Even Microsoft is not immune. The success of self-help books such as 'Windows for Dummies' suggests that, at the very least, there is something missing from manufacturers' own product documentation. Yet documentation can make or break a customer's perception of technology. "Good documentation designed around the tasks a customer needs to perform will influence their perception of the product and the manufacturer," says Mike Unwalla. "Customers who find the instructions easy to follow have a more positive experience of the product. They feel that the manufacturer understands their needs and are more likely to recommend the product and buy from the same company in future."

Announcing the partnership, Gareth Owens said: "The Gareth Owens Communication Consultancy provides technology-savvy consultants to work with high-tech firms on business and communication issues. We bridge the gap when business and technology meet. This partnership with Mike Unwalla enables us to extend our services to providing professional, cost-effective technical documentation as and when our clients need it."

Mike Unwalla said, "Working with Gareth is an exciting opportunity. His knowledge and experience of working with business owners in the technology sector will bring many opportunities. Our complementary services will make both our businesses stronger."


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