Technical writing newsletter 15: April 2006

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Industry profile

The annual ISTC documentation awards provide a platform for companies and individuals to be rewarded for their achievements. TechScribe is pleased to sponsor the award for 'printed delivery of non-technical information'.

Business development

TechScribe has a new A to Z site index. Site maps and search pages are popular methods of helping people to find information on websites. A to Z site indexes are a less common method, and in addition to being an excellent access mechanism, they can enhance search engine rankings because of the many keywords and links.

Mike Unwalla continued his successful Accreditation process with the Society of Indexers ( and passed the test for part D.


LaTeX is a powerful typesetting system. Typically, it is used in the academic publishing industry. The people at the official LaTeX project site ( were so impressed with our introductory article on LaTeX that they've included it in their documentation section.

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