Technical writing newsletter 16: June 2006

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Business development

The British Computer Society has elected Mike Unwalla as a Chartered IT Professional (BCS CITP).


The usability of a software product is vital to its success. The Usability Professionals' Association has a huge bank of resources about usability and user-centred design.

A relationship exists between software usability, testing and documentation. Three experts give their views.

Freelance directory

A new local directory that matches clients to freelancers has just been launched. It serves companies in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Barnsley and Rotherham.

Editor's note 2008-04-21. The FREDY directory is no longer in operation.

Plain language

At TechScribe, we use simple words and simple sentence constructions, in preference to complex language. Recent research shows that unnecessarily long words lower readers' evaluations of a text (

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