Technical writing newsletter 17: September 2006

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Business development

Good project management is essential to the success of a documentation project. You can find out how we manage your documentation projects on the new PM section of the website.

Visual branding helps business promotion, so we added a favicon (an image that appears in the browser address bar) to the TechScribe website. Chami shows you how to do it, and provides an online tool for creating favicons (

Industry profile

TechScribe has launched a project to improve the rankings of the UK technical communications profession as a whole in search engine results. The project uses website addresses that are related to the products and services that technical communicators sell.

Technical resources

A PDF file often contains hyperlinks so that people can easily navigate to different places in the file. Unfortunately, if a PDF file contains an index, the index rarely has hyperlinks, because until now there has been no easy way of creating them. This technical article shows you a new straightforward method of creating coloured hyperlinks in an index in a PDF file.

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